AGT is a flooring company that will bring comfort and beauty to your home or office. We provide a variety of finishes to enhance your interior design and make every space special. You will find here a practical, reliable and sustainable laminate for every taste. In our online store, you can also find accessories: laying underlay and floor plinth.

Young and dynamically fast developing company AGT in just a few years was able to firmly establish itself not only in Turkey, but also in the European and Asian markets. For several years, more than 70 offices have been opened around the world. Quality, reliability - these are the synonyms that have conquered many millions of buyers around the world. The impeccable quality of AGT is confirmed by many certificates of the European Union.

AGT laminate is divided into 10 main collections:

The Natura Line series is an excellent choice for bedrooms and children's rooms. Classic single-strip designs with 4-sided V-shaped chamfer, and 32 class of wear resistance - will give comfort to your home for years to come.

Series Natura Large - has its own "zest" in the form of wide-format lamellas, with 32 class of wear resistance and a V-shaped bevel, which frames each lamella along the entire perimeter.

The Natura Slim series is the complete opposite of design. Thanks to the narrow format lamellas (158 mm) - it will look very prestigious in long rooms. Each lamella also has a four-sided V-shaped decorative bevel.

Effect Series - the decors presented in this collection will truly look "spectacular" thanks to the warm structure of oak wood that does not differ sharply in texture.

All three series have 32 wear grade and 8mm high density hdf plate.

The Effect Exclusive series - differs from the Effect collection - a more reinforced hdf-plate, 10 millimeters thick. This option is perfect for high-traffic areas, be it a kitchen, living room or a small cafe.

Concept series - the concept of which is based on a narrow lamella design, similar to the Natura Slim series, but with a reinforced 10 mm hdf plate

The Premier series boasts the highest possible HDF board thickness, which is currently considered the highest in laminate production. Premier laminate flooring is the perfect solution for any space in your home. Rest assured that you will rather want to change the color of the flooring than to remove the laminate due to damage.

The Effect Premium series is specially designed for commercial premises. This laminate is intended for boutiques, cafes and restaurants, where the maximum load on the floor is. AGT Effect Premium laminate will not differ visually from a real solid board, even exotic wood species.

The Spark and Bliss series are laminates for true creative designs. These collections are made not in the classical form, imitating a wooden structure, but in multi-strip abstractions.

The Bliss series is a 10 mm, robust hdf-slab, with a mosaic made to look like an end cut of a tree.

Series Spark - has a "multi-strip" design, laid out in the form of a mosaic. It has a 32 class of wear resistance and a plate of 10 millimeters thick.

Each house is unique, decorated in a certain style. We will help you choose the right coating, taking into account the specifics of the room and design features, your individual preferences. AGT company cares about the comfort of its customers, therefore it provides flooring services. Floor is an important element of your home and from AGT you can easily buy a comfortable, durable and beautiful floor covering.

Welcome to the world of AGT

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