Laminate Natura Large

Natura Large laminate is a unique style with a maximalism response. Why do many people stop at the decision to buy AGT Natura Large laminate? Let's figure it out together ...

This range of decors is perfect for residential applications thanks to the 8mm HDF board with a 32nd wear resistance top layer. Buying a laminate for a bedroom or nursery is the right choice. 4-sided V-shaped, decorative chamfer - will give AGT laminate uniqueness, as it will visually separate the structure of the wood on different lamellas. A nice advantage is that this laminate can be used on a heated floor. And now, finally, we got to the "highlight" of the Natura Large laminate - a wide lamella. In contrast to the standard width of 190-194 millimeters, Natura Large laminate is 246 millimeters. This design will look perfect in large and spacious rooms.

You can buy AGT Natura Large laminate directly on our website, or in our store, if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

-63.00грн Specials
Laminate AGT Natura Large Minori (RK303)
In Stock Product Code: PRK303
One of the most expensive and high quality materials, due to its strength and durability, is oak. AGT in Minori laminate has perfectly combined the characteristics of oak and the characteristics of laminate, thanks to which Natura Large Minori laminate will help fill the room with warmth and comfort..
-63.00грн Specials
Laminate AGT Natura Large Palermo (RK304)
In Stock Product Code: PRK304
One of the ways to create a beautiful and stylish floor is to lay laminate flooring, which, thanks to its design characteristics, is able to complement any interior and satisfy even the most demanding consumers.The choice of AGT Palermo laminate as a floor covering for a room that is planned to be d..
-63.00грн Specials
Laminate AGT Natura Large Sorento (RK301)
In Stock Product Code: PRK301
The first laminate floors appeared in the middle of the eighties of the last century. With their appearance, we can safely say that there has been some kind of revolution in the world of flooring, since laminate (as we used to call it), having very high performance characteristics, outwardly practic..
-63.00грн Specials
Laminate AGT Natura Large Napoli (RK302)
In Stock Product Code: PRK302
The reliability and durability of oak, together with the practicality of the laminate, are reflected in AGT's Napoli laminate, which, moreover, very realistically imitates the wood of real oak. The light shade and noble texture of Napoli laminate will decorate any room, regardless of style. It shoul..
-63.00грн Specials
Laminate AGT Natura Large Ravello Slim (RK305)
In Stock Product Code: PRK305
The choice of flooring is a more than responsible process, since floor repair always implies great difficulties. Among the variety of floor coverings and a huge number of their manufacturers, the laminate from AGT deserves special attention.Connoisseurs of romance will love Ravello Slim laminate flo..
-63.00грн Specials
Laminate AGT Natura Large Tuscany (RK306)
In Stock Product Code: PRK306
Finding high quality laminate flooring is often not an easy task. Indeed, ideally, the floor should be both practical and beautiful. These requirements are absolutely met by Tuscany laminate, which has a unique wood structure.This laminate will perfectly complement a room decorated both in a bright,..
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