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Laminate AGT Natura Slim Tuscany (RK306)
In Stock Product Code: PRK306
It is hard to imagine that a few decades ago we did not know what a laminate is. Since its inception, the world of flooring has turned upside down and now laminate flooring is one of the most popular. Manufacturers continue to amaze with the variety of laminate designs.AGT presents to your attention..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Napoli (RK302)
In Stock Product Code: PRK302
The rapid development of the flooring market is pushing manufacturers to create new decorative solutions that satisfy any design need.A worthy representative of the new AGT collection is Napoli laminate flooring, which will fill the interior with calmness, light and sophistication. Thanks to the 4-s..
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Laminate AGT Natura Slim Ravello Slim (RK305)
In Stock Product Code: PRK305
When choosing a floor covering, it is often very difficult to make the right decision. This is due to the variety of types of flooring, their price, color, etc. Today laminate flooring is one of the most popular. Having decided that you need a laminate, other questions arise. For example, what color..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Sorento (RK301)
In Stock Product Code: PRK301
Connoisseurs of functionality, strength and purity of style will undoubtedly turn their attention to Sorento laminate, which, having a pronounced surface texture, conveys naturalness and makes you feel the authenticity of wood. Thanks to its design, Sorento PRK301 laminate can be used both in rooms ..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Minori (RK303)
In Stock Product Code: PRK303
When we find out that a product is made in Turkey, the first association that arises is a product of the highest quality. Quality is a prerequisite for a durable and durable laminate flooring. The highlight of AGT's new laminate flooring collection is Minori Laminate. The handcrafted floor effect wi..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Palermo (RK304)
In Stock Product Code: PRK304
It is difficult to imagine a perfect renovation without a properly selected floor covering, which, in addition to being obliged to match your taste, should also be of high quality, practical and in perfect harmony with other features of your interior design. Oak laminate decor continues to be popula..
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Laminate AGT Concept Dorino (RK602)
In Stock Product Code: PRK602
We bring to your attention the AGT Dorino laminate flooring, which in many of its characteristics is not inferior to natural wood. The light tone of this laminate contributes well to the visual increase of the space. The imitation of rough oak processing makes Dorino PRK602 laminate practically indi..
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Laminate AGT Concept Loreto Oak (RK605)
In Stock Product Code: PRK605
The floor is the foundation of any interior. After all, it is he who is first seen by our guests when entering the room. Therefore, naturally, the choice of flooring is more than a responsible task. Loreto oak AGT laminate, which will captivate people with refined taste, because it will look expensi..
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Laminate AGT Concept Kastela (RK600)
In Stock Product Code: PRK600
How to choose a floor covering? This question is asked by everyone who has started a renovation and wants to make the room cozy, stylish and unique.We advise you to take a closer look at the Kastela laminate from AGT. The light tone of the laminate will add warmth and comfort to the room, and the ex..
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Laminate AGT Concept Centro (RK601)
In Stock Product Code: PRK601
Bleached oak laminate flooring, Concept collection is one of the most popular AGT laminate decors. Oak wood plays a very important role in the use as a material for interior decoration. Since ancient times, the oak tree has been a symbol of wisdom and strength. Due to the properties and beauty of th..
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Laminate AGT Concept Modern (RK604)
In Stock Product Code: PRK604
We are glad to present you decor - Modern laminate, Concept collection, by AGT company. At all times, oak laminate has been the benchmark in popularity and customer choice. This choice is not surprising, since the oak has at all times been compared in folklore with power and wisdom. Since ancient ti..
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Laminate AGT Concept Rock (RK603)
In Stock Product Code: PRK603
AGT laminate flooring, Concept collections - truly can be considered the standard of style and trend. In Scala laminate, two styles are intertwined: country and antique. The pattern of the laminate floor perfectly imitates the real power and individualism of the oak structure. The use of oak in the ..
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