AGT product warranty conditions



1. Warranty period, Class AC 3; within the country of production 10 years, for commercial purposes 5 years. Class AC 4, within the country of origin and for commercial purposes 15 years

2. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the goods by the consumer.

3. If the alleged defect in the product is confirmed by the method of capturing the defect (photo, video, ...), testing depending on the type of product, they must be sent to our company, the user, on the basis of his rights (*), can test the product in period provided by law. (*) In accordance with Clause 11 of the Law on the Protection of the Rights consumers "No. 6502, you, as a consumer, have the right to demand one of the following actions:

a) Terminate the Agreement by confirming the readiness to return the sold goods,

b) Leave the product and claim a discount equal to the value of the defective product,

c) If the difference in the value of the goods is not large, demand the manufacturer to repair the defective goods free of charge,

d) If possible, request a replacement for a serviceable product.

3. In the event of such a claim, documents will be considered and, if necessary, tests and tests on a sample of the goods will be required. After carrying out such tests and tests, on the basis of the "Expert opinion", the cause of the error, malfunction, defect is determined and whether it is included in the warranty.

4. In the event that repairs are requested during the warranty period, the maximum repair period is 30 days.

5. If repair is requested during the warranty period, the maximum repair period is 30 days. 


Cases that are not covered by the warranty:

The specified warranty conditions apply only if a warranty certificate is provided. Delivery of goods, invoice completed by the supplier on the seller's letterhead, signed and stamped by the seller. A warranty certificate must be requested and must be kept for the warranty period specified in the relevant document. The seal and signature of the supplier of the invoices and delivery times are the warranty conditions. Seller's signature and signed invoices and handover dates, warranty conditions, warranty certificate are not valid in the absence of a receipt. 


Situations that are not covered by the warranty:

a) Applying sandpaper, sanding and polishing on the laminate.

b) Laminate that has been affected by natural disasters like fire, earthquake, flood, water, etc. for some time.

c) Laying in damp places such as sauna, bathroom, toilet, outdoor terrace.

d) Problems caused by non-compliance with the rules specified in the instructions for use.

e) The laminate must be installed during the installation process in accordance with the rules in the instructions for use.

f) If improperly laid, erosion, breakage and scratches can occur, which lead to destruction and the need for dismantling.

g) Mechanical damage and pressure on the laminate.

h) Responsibility for the problems of incorrect installation of the laminate arising from the instructions for use lies with the buyer.

i) Before installation, the installer must check the surface according to the instructions for use. If there are problems on the surface, the installer should inform the customer. If the client insists on installing laminate flooring, the installer must obtain written confirmation from the client that there are surface problems. otherwise, if a surface problem occurs, the installer is responsible for it.

j) The use of acids and other chemicals that are not covered by the warranty in the event of deterioration in the quality of the coating.

k) Metal and stone parts can scratch the product. Therefore, users of the product should avoid these materials.

l) The warranty is not covered if water penetrates through the walls and windows of the building.

m) Do not use on stairs.

o) If the flooring does not comply with the instructions for use, it is not covered by the warranty. (For example, the wrong class, used according to the intensity of human traffic, mixed mounting of 31 grade and 32 grade).

No one other than the company can claim another warranty condition and do such a request.

Representation for complaints and appeals:

All complaints and objections may be filed with consumer courts and consumer arbitration boards.