Laminate AGT Concept Rock (RK603)

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Laminate AGT Concept Rock (RK603)
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Description of Laminate AGT Concept Rock (RK603)

AGT laminate flooring, Concept collections - truly can be considered the standard of style and trend. In Scala laminate, two styles are intertwined: country and antique. The pattern of the laminate floor perfectly imitates the real power and individualism of the oak structure. The use of oak in the production of floor coverings has been around since ancient times. Oak wood was used in interior decoration both in palaces, churches and in ordinary peasant houses. The structure of wood in this laminate has a yellowish tint with pronounced knots, eyes, a sharp change in tone - from dark to almost light, this combination of tone will never get tired. The fibers are arranged in a tangential and radial cut with a rough wood effect.

Thanks to printing technology from AGT, the top structure of the Scala laminate creates a 3D effect of the real wood structure. The design of the laminate is made in a single-strip style and repeats it down to the smallest detail and imitates a real oak board. The 4-sided V-chamfer of the lamellas not only fulfills an aesthetic function, giving them an incredible resemblance to natural parquet boards.

The basis of AGT laminate is made from hard wood, the HDF board is pressed at a high temperature, without the use of glue and other substances harmful to human health. Computer control at all stages of production - provides strict control of the geometry of each strip, milling of the lock joint, processed with an additional moisture-repellent substance. Thanks to the Uniclic lock connection, it was possible to achieve almost one hundred percent sealing of the seam between the lamellas, so you can buy AGT Skala laminate for rooms with high humidity, for example, a kitchen.

Thanks to the 32 class of wear resistance, the laminate can be used both in the residential sector and in the commercial sector with an average degree of stress. When the moisture content of the floor screed changes, condensation may emerge, thanks to the additional lamination of the back side of the AGT laminate panel - moisture will not affect the "swelling" and change in the geometry of your new floor.

If you want high quality, stylish and reliable laminate flooring, Scala from AGT is what you need. Enjoy real quality!

Specification of Laminate AGT Concept Rock (RK603)

Product information
Brand name AGT
Vendor code PRK603
Country of Origin Turkey
Collection Concept
Guarantee 5\15 years
Lock type Uniclic
Purpose of the product for the living room; for kitchen
For underfloor heating water heated floor; electric underfloor heating
Class 32/AC4
Decorative features
Design single lane
Laminate tone dark
Decorative bevel 4V
Structure embossed
Material imitation tree structure
Length 1200 mm
Thickness 10 mm
Width 155 mm
sq.m. packaged 1,488 sq.m.
Number of pieces in a package 8 planks
Quantity per pallet 60 pack. = 89,28 sq.m.
Product Details
# PRK603

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