Laminate AGT Natura Line Volga (RK503)

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Laminate AGT Natura Line Volga (RK503)
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Description of Laminate AGT Natura Line Volga (RK503)

Of course, the appropriate flooring is an important factor in determining the style of a room. AGT Volga laminate will bring freshness and lightness to your room. Thanks to its light shade, this laminate is able to visually expand the space, as well as add dynamic notes to the interior. It is also worth noting that psychologists have long proven that people who are in rooms with light colors (including light floors) are less prone to depression and have a more positive attitude towards life. Those who are worried about their health and the health of those around them pay special attention to the safety of the materials used in the repair. AGT, being a supporter of innovative technologies, uses only natural dyes that do not contain solvent in the production of decorative patterns, which is one of the indicators of environmental safety.

Volga laminate (PRK503) echoes the unique texture of natural oak wood, which is achieved, among other things, thanks to the use of laminate brushing technology. As a result of the brushing process, the metal brush leaves "scratches" on the laminate board. In the future, a drawing is applied to this plate in the future. Externally, brushing creates the effect of a massive board covered with oil. Another advantage of Natura Line Volga laminate is the presence of a 4-sided V-shaped chamfer, which, in addition to its decorative role in the design, will help to hide visual gaps that have appeared during prolonged use of the laminate in conditions of excessive moisture. In addition to practicality, environmental friendliness and use in a variety of design interiors, Volga laminate will delight you with high quality, which is guaranteed by constant computer control at all stages of production. You can use this laminate flooring both for home and office, as evidenced by the 32nd class of wear resistance. Having made your choice in favor of AGT laminate, you will have no reason to regret it.

Specification of Laminate AGT Natura Line Volga (RK503)

Product information
Brand name AGT
Vendor code PRK503
Country of Origin Turkey
Collection Natura Line
Guarantee 5\15 years
Lock type Uniclic
Purpose of the product for the bedroom; for the nursery
For underfloor heating water heated floor; electric underfloor heating
Class 32/AC4
Decorative features
Design single lane
Laminate tone dark
Decorative bevel 4V
Structure embossed
Material imitation tree structure
Length 1200 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Width 191 mm
sq.m. packaged 1,83 sq.m.
Number of pieces in a package 8 planks
Quantity per pallet 60 pack. = 109,80 sq.m.
Product Details
# PRK503

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