Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive

Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Tibet (RK902)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK902
AGT develops unique decors for its laminate flooring, guided by the most fashionable and current trends in the design world. Thanks to this, Tibet laminate has appeared in the Effect Exclusive collection. Its name speaks for itself - the decorative coating of this laminate, printed on high-quality p..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Altay (RK908)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK908
Laminate Altai from AGT - undoubtedly, can be safely called a masterpiece in the class of flooring. The design of this laminate flawlessly imitates a real classic palace-style parquet. The drawing, made in the strictest observance of tonality and repeats the real structure of oak. The color of the w..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Alps (RK904)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK904
AGT Effect Exclusive laminate flooring was developed by the Turkish company AGT as a versatile floor covering for ideal use in the residential sector. Due to the optimal price-quality ratio, the laminate from this collection ranks first in popularity among buyers.Here are just a few good reasons to ..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Pamir (RK906)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK906
Laminate from the Effect Exclusive Pamir collection can be proudly called a super novelty in the design of floor coverings. In this decor, it would seem, two completely different styles intersected - modern and conservatism. Undoubtedly, such a structure as oak may well claim the lion's share of pop..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Toros (RK901)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK901
Who among us has not heard about the greatness of such a tree as an oak? Undoubtedly, the popularity of this widespread and at the same time valuable timber is not inferior since the most ancient times. The popularity of oak will not give way to the near future. In AGT Toros laminate flooring, you c..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Ural (RK907)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK907
To create a truly cozy and “homely” atmosphere in the room is actually not difficult at all - for this it is enough to use the Effect Exclusive Ural decor laminate from AGT.Without a doubt, the main advantage of oak over other valuable tree species is the uniformity of its woody structure combined w..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Fuji (RK905)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK905
Sooner or later, everyone is faced with such a process as home renovation. One of the important components of which is the choice of material for the floor and its design. It would seem an easy task. But this is at first glance. In any specialized online store you will see a huge selection of floor ..
Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Everest (RK903)
Out Of Stock Product Code: PRK903
Over the past few years, bleached oak floor coverings have gained immense popularity not only in our country, but throughout the world. In addition to an unusually spectacular appearance, a white floor solves a number of specific and important tasks in space - for example, visually expands a small r..
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