Laminate Series Natura

Laminate AGT Series Natura Large, Natura Line, Natura Slim - are in the leading place in terms of popularity among buyers. All decors flawlessly imitate the natural structure of wood, and the natural shades of sapwood and wood veins.

Tinted decors in bleached oak or dark stains “stained” - all of these varied decors are depleted by the AGT Natura laminate series.

The wear-resistant layer of the 32 class laminate will provide a comfortable operating environment, you will not worry about scratches on the laminate. The thickness of this laminate is 8 mm, which is more than enough for residential premises. Each lamella has a four-sided V-shaped, decorative chamfer, so that the entire laminate structure will not merge.

The only difference is the width:

Natura Large Laminate - 246 mm

Laminate Natura Line - 191 mma

Laminate Natura Slim - 159 mm

Laminate AGT Natura Slim Palermo (RK304)
In Stock Product Code: PRK304
It is difficult to imagine a perfect renovation without a properly selected floor covering, which, in addition to being obliged to match your taste, should also be of high quality, practical and in perfect harmony with other features of your interior design. Oak laminate decor continues to be popula..
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Laminate AGT Natura Slim Ravello Slim (RK305)
In Stock Product Code: PRK305
When choosing a floor covering, it is often very difficult to make the right decision. This is due to the variety of types of flooring, their price, color, etc. Today laminate flooring is one of the most popular. Having decided that you need a laminate, other questions arise. For example, what color..
Laminate AGT Natura Large Minori (RK303)
In Stock Product Code: PRK303
One of the most expensive and high quality materials, due to its strength and durability, is oak. AGT in Minori laminate has perfectly combined the characteristics of oak and the characteristics of laminate, thanks to which Natura Large Minori laminate will help fill the room with warmth and comfort..
Laminate AGT Natura Large Palermo (RK304)
In Stock Product Code: PRK304
One of the ways to create a beautiful and stylish floor is to lay laminate flooring, which, thanks to its design characteristics, is able to complement any interior and satisfy even the most demanding consumers.The choice of AGT Palermo laminate as a floor covering for a room that is planned to be d..
Laminate AGT Natura Large Sorento (RK301)
In Stock Product Code: PRK301
The first laminate floors appeared in the middle of the eighties of the last century. With their appearance, we can safely say that there has been some kind of revolution in the world of flooring, since laminate (as we used to call it), having very high performance characteristics, outwardly practic..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Minori (RK303)
In Stock Product Code: PRK303
When we find out that a product is made in Turkey, the first association that arises is a product of the highest quality. Quality is a prerequisite for a durable and durable laminate flooring. The highlight of AGT's new laminate flooring collection is Minori Laminate. The handcrafted floor effect wi..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Napoli (RK302)
In Stock Product Code: PRK302
The rapid development of the flooring market is pushing manufacturers to create new decorative solutions that satisfy any design need.A worthy representative of the new AGT collection is Napoli laminate flooring, which will fill the interior with calmness, light and sophistication. Thanks to the 4-s..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Sorento (RK301)
In Stock Product Code: PRK301
Connoisseurs of functionality, strength and purity of style will undoubtedly turn their attention to Sorento laminate, which, having a pronounced surface texture, conveys naturalness and makes you feel the authenticity of wood. Thanks to its design, Sorento PRK301 laminate can be used both in rooms ..
Laminate AGT Natura Slim Tuscany (RK306)
In Stock Product Code: PRK306
It is hard to imagine that a few decades ago we did not know what a laminate is. Since its inception, the world of flooring has turned upside down and now laminate flooring is one of the most popular. Manufacturers continue to amaze with the variety of laminate designs.AGT presents to your attention..
Laminate AGT Natura Large Napoli (RK302)
In Stock Product Code: PRK302
The reliability and durability of oak, together with the practicality of the laminate, are reflected in AGT's Napoli laminate, which, moreover, very realistically imitates the wood of real oak. The light shade and noble texture of Napoli laminate will decorate any room, regardless of style. It shoul..
Laminate AGT Natura Large Ravello Slim (RK305)
In Stock Product Code: PRK305
The choice of flooring is a more than responsible process, since floor repair always implies great difficulties. Among the variety of floor coverings and a huge number of their manufacturers, the laminate from AGT deserves special attention.Connoisseurs of romance will love Ravello Slim laminate flo..
Laminate AGT Natura Large Tuscany (RK306)
In Stock Product Code: PRK306
Finding high quality laminate flooring is often not an easy task. Indeed, ideally, the floor should be both practical and beautiful. These requirements are absolutely met by Tuscany laminate, which has a unique wood structure.This laminate will perfectly complement a room decorated both in a bright,..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Volga (RK503)
In Stock Product Code: PRK503
Of course, the appropriate flooring is an important factor in determining the style of a room. AGT Volga laminate will bring freshness and lightness to your room. Thanks to its light shade, this laminate is able to visually expand the space, as well as add dynamic notes to the interior. It is also w..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak Iglaz (RK507)
In Stock Product Code: PRK507
The golden classic of the Natura Line collection is undoubtedly the Iglaz oak laminate, the color uniformity and the uniformity of the wood texture are perfectly reproduced using the 3D printing technology used. This laminated flooring got its name for the unusually warm and sunny yellow-golden hue ..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Tali (RK508)
In Stock Product Code: PRK508
When deciding to make a renovation, it is important to choose high-quality and reliable materials that will also help emphasize your style and make the room more comfortable. An important factor in a successful renovation is the right floor covering.Laminate flooring, the popularity of which is incr..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Rhodes (RK509)
In Stock Product Code: PRK509
Each of us associates oak with strength, strength, durability. Incredibly, the laminate Rodos Natura Line offered to your attention has the same qualities. Rhodes laminate flooring, thanks to its appearance, will give your interior a natural and natural look. This laminate can be used in many interi..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Nile (RK502)
In Stock Product Code: PRK502
The Turkish company AGT always keeps pace with the times, therefore, the decors for laminated coverings developed by its design group are invariably relevant and durable in their popularity.Laminate Nil Natura Line captivates with its tenderness and sophistication at a glance. A uniform pale beige c..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Maritza (RK506)
In Stock Product Code: PRK506
Among the variety of unique AGT laminate decors, there are those that deserve special attention and recognition. Laminate Maritsa Natura Line is the height of perfection in the embodiment of the naturalness and naturalness of oak boards.The surface structure of roughly processed wood, a clear patter..
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Laminate AGT Natura Line Danube (RK505)
In Stock Product Code: PRK505
An important factor that affects the result of an undertaken repair is the choice of an appropriate floor covering. Choosing exactly what is needed sometimes seems like a difficult task. For people who want to design a room in a discreet style, but at the same time, who want to emphasize its nobilit..
Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak trend (RK501)
In Stock Product Code: PRK501
The majestic and regal oak is not in vain the most "classic", and therefore the most popular, option for flooring. But, firstly, not everyone can afford a solid oak floor, and secondly, natural wood as a floor covering is too capricious and demanding during its operation.Fortunately, AGT has in the ..
Laminate AGT Natura Line Selge Oak (RK504)
In Stock Product Code: PRK504
Regardless of the constantly changing trends in design, the decor of the Selge Oak laminate from the Natura Line collection of the Turkish company AGT will never lose its relevance. Selge laminate flooring is equally harmonious in classic and modern interiors, in addition, it creates a unique atmosp..
Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak Canyon (RK201)
In Stock Product Code: PRK201
AGT uses all advanced production methods and its own innovative technologies to create truly unique laminate flooring that meets the highest requirements in terms of quality, environmental friendliness and aesthetic beauty, and satisfies the most sophisticated tastes of customers. This is how the Ca..
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