Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Altay (RK908)

Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Altay (RK908)
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Description of Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Altay (RK908)

Laminate Altai from AGT - undoubtedly, can be safely called a masterpiece in the class of flooring. The design of this laminate flawlessly imitates a real classic palace-style parquet. The drawing, made in the strictest observance of tonality and repeats the real structure of oak. The color of the wood varies from dark brown to almost light tone. It would seem that in this "mix" of colors one can recognize both the tonality of walnut wood and sapwood similar to the texture of maple. The surface structure of the drawing is made using advanced technologies and has a 3D photo printing (three-dimensional technology). The top layer is smoother and mimics the lacquer finish of wood with small pores that give it an even more natural wood look. Laminate Altay PRK908, Effect Exclusive collection will be suitable for both strict classical English style and modern style. The structure of oak wood, along with black woods and walnut, is a strict and solid look for your future floor.

A feature of AGT Altai laminate is the presence of a 4-sided V-shaped chamfer, which makes the laminate look like a natural wood floor. Also, the chamfer is of practical importance, since it helps to visually hide the joints between laminate panels, which may appear over time during operation.

Thanks to the impeccable geometry of each lamella, measured down to the micrometer, you can rest assured about durability. The 32nd class of laminate will allow it to be used not only in the residential sector, but also in the commercial sector with an average degree of load. "One hundred percent" sealing of locks with the addition of wood dust and additional processing of edges will allow the use of laminate in rooms with high humidity, such as a kitchen. If you want to buy AGT laminate for a small room up to 15 sq. M., Then single-strip Altai laminate is what you need. Thanks to the design for an array, the rooms will be visually larger than they actually are.

Specification of Laminate AGT Effect Exclusive Altay (RK908)

Product information
Brand name AGT
Vendor code PRK908
Country of Origin Turkey
Collection Effect Exclusive
Guarantee 5\20 years
Lock type Uniclic
Purpose of the product for the living room; for kitchen
For underfloor heating water heated floor; electric underfloor heating
Class 32/AC4
Decorative features
Design single lane
Laminate tone dark
Decorative bevel 4V
Structure synchronous
Material imitation tree structure
Length 1195 mm
Thickness 10 mm
Width 189 mm
sq.m. packaged 1,806 sq.m.
Number of pieces in a package 8 planks
Quantity per pallet 60 pack. = 108,36 sq.m.
Product Details
# PRK908

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