Laminate AGT Natura Large Napoli (RK302)

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Laminate AGT Natura Large Napoli (RK302)
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Description of Laminate AGT Natura Large Napoli (RK302)

The reliability and durability of oak, together with the practicality of the laminate, are reflected in AGT's Napoli laminate, which, moreover, very realistically imitates the wood of real oak. The light shade and noble texture of Napoli laminate will decorate any room, regardless of style. It should be noted that the overall illumination of the room, which also depends on the color of the floor, has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of people, fills the room with positive and coziness. The use of AGT Napoli laminate in the interior design testifies to the wealth of the owners of the premises.

Laminate manufacturer Natura Large Napoli is committed to the sustainability of its products, which is why AGT laminate is solvent-free (non-allergenic). Also, in the production of AGT laminate, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used. Laminate Napoli PRK302 can be used in the residential and commercial sectors, because it has a load class 32, and in its production a high density HDF board is used, which significantly reduces the tendency of the laminate to abrasion and damage.

Note that choosing a sandy oak laminate floor, you will not have to worry about the difficulties associated with its installation, because the Uniclic lock system will help you to install the laminate yourself and quickly enough. Pay particular attention to the fact that AGT Napoli laminate has a 4-sided V-bevel, which allows its texture to be mistaken for a natural oak floor. The chamfer seems to frame the drawing of each lamella and makes it interesting in solving design problems. Definitely, buying AGT laminate means filling the room with warmth and creating an atmosphere of well-being in it.

Specification of Laminate AGT Natura Large Napoli (RK302)

Product information
Brand name AGT
Vendor code PRK302
Country of Origin Turkey
Collection Natura Large
Guarantee 5\15 years
Lock type Uniclic
Purpose of the product for the bedroom; for the nursery
For underfloor heating water heated floor; electric underfloor heating
Class 32/AC4
Decorative features
Design single lane
Laminate tone light coloured
Decorative bevel 4V
Structure synchronous
Material imitation tree structure
Length 1380 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Width 246 mm
sq.m. packaged 2,0369 sq.m.
Number of pieces in a package 6 planks
Quantity per pallet 52 pack. = 105,91 sq.m.
Product Details
# PRK302

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