Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak Iglaz (RK507)

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Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak Iglaz (RK507)
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Description of Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak Iglaz (RK507)

The golden classic of the Natura Line collection is undoubtedly the Iglaz oak laminate, the color uniformity and the uniformity of the wood texture are perfectly reproduced using the 3D printing technology used. This laminated flooring got its name for the unusually warm and sunny yellow-golden hue of the imitated oak wood, and justifies it by 100%.
Ilgaz Oak laminate also has “classic” performance characteristics. Thus, a very strong HDF board (high density fibreboard) is used as the main layer, withstands up to 750 kg at break. In addition, it is resistant to moisture penetration, so this laminate can be safely installed in rooms with high humidity. Throughout the entire service life (and this is not much, not a little, more than ten years), AGT laminate oak iglaz will retain its original beautiful appearance thanks to the upper protective layer with a 32nd class of wear resistance.
The 4-sided V-shaped chamfer of the lamellas not only performs an aesthetic function, giving them an incredible resemblance to a natural parquet board, but also increases the strength and moisture resistance of AGT Ilgaz Oak laminate, due to additional processing of all beveled edges of the lamellas with a special solution. The highest degree of environmental safety of this laminate is confirmed by the corresponding quality certificates and special markings.
Fill your home with warmth and comfort, let in an endless stream of sunny mood with AGT laminate from the Natura Line collection!

Specification of Laminate AGT Natura Line Oak Iglaz (RK507)

Product information
Brand name AGT
Vendor code PRK507
Country of Origin Turkey
Collection Natura Line
Guarantee 5\15 years
Lock type Uniclic
Purpose of the product for the bedroom; for the nursery
For underfloor heating water heated floor; electric underfloor heating
Class 32/AC4
Decorative features
Design single lane
Laminate tone dark
Decorative bevel 4V
Structure embossed
Material imitation tree structure
Length 1200 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Width 191 mm
sq.m. packaged 1,83 sq.m.
Number of pieces in a package 8 planks
Quantity per pallet 60 pack. = 109,80 sq.m.
Product Details
# PRK507

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А как это "влагостойкий" в на кухню и в ванную можно?


Добрый день, Инга
Влагостойкий ламинат - это значить, что его можно укладывать в местах с повышенной влажностью. На кухню можно смело укладывать, а вот в ванную при условии хорошей вентиляции и расстоянии не менее 50 см от источника воды.
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